Space Logistics

Since 2003, The Rothe Companies are proud to have a long-term relationship with Leidos (prime) and NASA in support of the Cargo Mission Contract (CMC).  This contract follows a rigorous process to safely prepare ISS resupply cargo for each launch.  This contract process approximately 25,000 pounds of NASA cargo annually, as well as approximately 5,000 pounds of recoverable cargo returning to Earth each year.  This cargo can consist of space flight hardware, experiments, housekeeping, clothing, hygiene materials, and food.  Rothe Enterprises, Inc. has contract responsibilities for shipping/receiving, production planning and control, material control, and inventory management, as well as performing operations required to deliver flight hardware for all Soyuz and Progress missions in addition to Russian allocations manifested on Orbital and SpaceX vehicles.

Space Training Facility Operations & Logistics

The Rothe Companies provide resources and services to operate, maintain, and sustain the Neutral Buoyancy Laboratory (NBL), Space Vehicle Mockup Facility (SVMF), and the Logistics and Mockup Facility (LMF) at NASA/JSC under the NBL and SVMF Operations Contract (NSOC).  We have been partners on NSOC with the prime contractor Raytheon since 2003 to provide NASA with a safe environment for conducting IVA and underwater EVA training as well as supporting the engineering, design, and manufacturing of varying fidelities of flight-related mockups, and human-rated systems.  Safe job performance is key in maintaining crew health, and quality must meet or exceed requirements for realistic and effective training.  Our scope includes commercialization management, design, drafting, manufacturing, training support, diving, critical systems support, hardware and facility preparation, mockup staging and coordination, shipping, receiving, logistics and inventory maintenance, procurement support, and administrative support.  These facilities are high-visibility and we pride ourselves in providing the utmost safety and professionalism in our duties.