Engineering and Technical

In the sixties, Rothe began providing engineering and technical services such as research, design, development, manufacturing, installation, and maintenance for customers such as Ft. Sam Houston, Brooks AFB, Kelly AFB, and commercial entities. In 1976, Rothe began a relationship with the Directorate of Engineering at the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) at Johnson Space Center (JSC) in Houston, Texas. That support has continued through today with additional directorates on other contracts and in subcontract partnerships with major aerospace contractors supporting NASA/JSC. Our participation on NASA/JSC contracts includes management, engineering, and technical support such as:


  • Program Management
  • External Customer Office Management
  • Government Commercialization
  • Physical Access Management
  • Configuration Management
  • Property Management
  • Project Management


  • Project Engineering
  • System Engineering
  • Buoyancy Analysis
  • Tip-Over Analysis
  • Hazard Analysis
  • Lifting Analysis
  • Stress Analysis using PTC Mechanica
  • CAD Design using PTC CREO Essential
  • ISS Space Hardware and Payload Design
  • Commercial Hardware Design
  • Hypobaric Chamber Expertise
  • Welding Expertise


  • ISS Cargo Mission Services
  • Machining & Welding Fabrication
  • Hypobaric Chamber Maintenance
  • Pressure Systems Maintenance
  • Requirements Definition
  • Clean Room Expertise
  • Metrology Expertise
  • Facility Maintenance
  • Weld Inspections
  • Logistics
  • Diving
  • MHE